Useful Tips For Cleaning Cat Urine at Home

Useful Tips For Cleaning Cat Urine at Home.

There are over 75 million cats in the USA and all cat owners know that urine stains and odor are a big problem.

When cats urinate for physiological elimination, they do it on horizontal or flat surfaces, e.g. the ground of the litter box. When they use their urine to mark their territory, cats spray on vertical surfaces. In both cases the urine may come in contact with a carpet or some furniture.

The urine of cats is of amber color, it is a waste fluid that is excreted by the kidney and contains waste products from the cat’s metabolism. The color and odor of the urine, as well as its staining potential, depend on the food the cat consumes, its age, sex, and health condition, etc.

The urine of older cats contains more plasma proteins but less uric acephalia, so it is less likely to leave stains on the carpet but its odor will be stronger.

Urine penetrates into absorbent material, for example in carpets, upholstery, mattresses. The surface of such material can be clean very well but it is very difficult to clean the inside. Odor and stain often remain even after a thorough cleaning. The following guideline may help you eliminate the odor of cat’s urine.

Cleaning cat urine from the carpet

Cleaning urine from the carpet is one of the most difficult tasks for cat owners. Here are some things you can do in case your cat has urinated on the carpet.

The first thing you should do is to soak up the urine as much as possible. Use a soft, clean cloth or absorbent paper and press down without rubbing for about 30 seconds. The removal of fresh urine before it dries will makes it easier to clean and to remove the odor afterwards. Once the “accident zone” is dry, rinse it with clean water. Then, blot up as much of the water as possible. After that there are several things to do:

1. Baking soda is effective for elimination of surface odors. Get the area wet with water and sprinkle baking soda on it. Rub the soda into the carpet and let it dry. Then remove the dry material by brushing or vacuuming it.

2. Put together a quart of warm water and half a cup of white vinegar. Apply the mixture on the urine stain, put dry towels on the stain and place a heavy object over the towels to increase the pressure. Leave it for a few hours and then remove the towels.

3. Old or heavy stains are best removed with extractors or wet-vacuum cleaner machines. Force the clean water into the carpet and then force back the dirty water out. Do not use chemicals with these machines, as they are more effective with clean water.

4. You can also try a combination of Listerine mouthwash and water/peroxide mixture. It is very effective for elimination of the odor.

5. A new way to clean cat urine from the carpet is the usage of peroxide or detergents. Spray the stained area with a product that consists of a 3% hydrogen peroxide. Wait for about five minutes and use a clean absorbent cloth and blot the aria by pressing down without rubbing for about 30 second. Repeat the same until the area is dry.

After you clean the soiled area very well, you should use a per odor neutralizer. They are available at per supply stores.

In case the soiled area still looks stained after the cleaning, neutralizing and drying, then you should apply a special stain and odor removing bacteria/enzyme cleaner, for example “Outright Pet Stain Eliminator,” “Pet ‘Oops’ Remover,” or “Stain Gobbler”.

Cleaning cat urine from the upholstery

You should use a soft, clean white cloth or absorbent paper. In case the usage of solvents is required, do not apply them on the stain, but pour them on a clean cloth. Use circular motion to clean the stain and work from the outside inwards. Dry the area immediately after cleaning it. You can use a hairdryer to do this but remember to use the cool setting. The air stream should be directed towards the outside of the area and then inwards. Always use soft brushes and rub the surface gently.

Cleaning cat urine from hardwood floors

Cat urine can damage a hardwood floor and can cause rotting. Here is what you can do to deal with the odor and to prevent serious damages.

Source of video –

You should soak up the wet area immediately with towels. Then, wash the area with white vinegar. You may have to repeat the washing several times. After that you should rinse the floor with warm water and dry it with paper towels. In the end, apply a special stain and odor removing bacteria/enzyme cleaner.

When you use such products you should read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly. Always test the products in an invisible area to see how they work.

You should be very careful about urine odor and attack the problems as soon as possible. You should remove the odor completely because if there are any traces left, the cat will urinate on the same spot again.



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